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When you arrive, please park on my drive. If you are early and there isn't a space, please wait patiently in your car as I will just be finishing up with a client. Once they leave, please drive into the space -  parking in the same spot. If you do not decide to park on my drive, another option is to park on Chatsworth Close or round the bend on Longleat Drive, on the side where there's a run of conifers/grass 

(so not in front of anyone's house) Then please wait for me to open the door to you to let you know I am ready.


Upon booking, you will receive a message to confirm your booking, followed by bank details, to allow you to make a secure bank transfer payment of the 50% booking fee to secure your booking. the remaining total can be paid on the day of your treatment.


I understand that sometimes you may need to re-arrange or cancel an appointment. I ask that you give a minimum of 48 hours' notice to rearrange or cancel. This is so I have enough time to allocate that appointment slot to someone else. Your deposit will be lost if you give only 24 hours' notice of your appointment.

A charge is incurred of 50% if you give less than 24 hours' notice.

A charge of 100% is taken if you do not turn up for your appointment.

A deposit of 50% of the total is taken at the booking stage to secure your booking. Once you have made your appointment, you will then receive further instructions on how to make this payment. 


Intimate Lycon Waxing



Extended Bikini...£26


Bum Cheeks...£6


Body Waxing 

Lycon Wax

Full Body (Not including Face)...£115

Full Body (Including Full Face)...£128

Full Leg...£25

3/4 Leg...£21

Half Leg...£18

Full Arm...£18

Half Arm...£13


Lower Back or Upper Back...£12

Full Back...£18

Abdomen or Breasts...£11

Abdomen & Breasts...£17



Cheeks & 

Sides of Face...£7

Lip & Chin...£10

Face Wax (Lip, Chin, Cheeks & Sides of Face)...£15


Hands or Feet...£5

Male Waxing

Half Back, Chest or Abdomen ..£13

Full Back ...£21

Abdomen and Chest ...£21

Full Back, 

Abdomen & Chest ...£38

Full Arm ...£19

If you have 1 small area you would like waxed please tell me and I shall price accordingly.

Brows & Lashes

CERALVL Lash Lift 

(Newest most nourishing solutions and faster treatment)


HD Browsculpt/Lamination


CERALVL & HD BrowSculpt



Lash Tint...£6*

Brow Tint...£8*

Brow Shape...£10

Brow Shape and Tint...£15*

Highly Defined Brows


(precision shaping, make-up defining after tinting and waxing)

* patch test required at least 48 hours prior to treatment.

Gel Nails.

BIAB/Gel Removal with re-application... £4

Gel Removal Hands and Toes with 

reapplication... £8

Biab Removal Only... £12

Gel Removal Only... £10

Gel Removal Hands & Toes. Only... £16


Express Gel Manicure...£28

(Cut, cuticles, file, gel application)

Classic Gel Manicure...£34

(Hand Soak, Cut, File, Cuticles, Hand Exfoliation and Massage, Gel Application)

BIAB Gel Manicure

(Builder In A Bottle)

(Ultimate colour & Strengthener to naturally grow your nails. This will add strength and resilience to your nails as well as make your gel colour last a lot longer. Beautiful range of BIAB colours to choose from)

 Biab Overlay/Infill..£33


Add on French Finish Or Small nail art (lines or dots)

...£6 or 60p per nail.

Nail Repair/s - Priced on the day


Express Gel Pedicure...£28

(Cut, File, Cuticles, Gel Application) 

Classic Gel Pedicure...£34

(Foot Soak, Dead Skin Removal & Foot Cream*) 

Luxury Gel Pedicure...£41

(Exfoliation, Foot Massage & Heated Booties*)

*these pedicures show the additional elements that pedicure includes, including what the previous cheaper pedicures include.


Result-driven facial:

Dermapen Microneedling

Dermapen is a highly effective facial rejuvenation, extensively improving the appearance of tired, dull skin and finely lined skin. It also significantly improves the appearance of stretch marks and scars including three types of acne scars (ice pick, box, and rolling).

It uses a unique method to insert fine needles into the epidermis to encourage collagen production. Unlike other micro-needling treatments, Dermapen vertically penetrates the skin, which produces less skin damage, but the same effective results as other treatments.

The effectiveness of treatment is by increasing absorption of a solution that contains hyaluronic acid, minerals, vitamins, and peptides, applied during the treatment, further increasing collagen and elastin production for improved rejuvenation results.

Due to the vertical insertion of the needles, there is reduced discomfort and bleeding than most other forms of micro-needling. The design also makes it easy to maneuver around all facial contours which means that problem areas that were previously untreatable, such as around the eyes, can now be treated.

Full Face & Neck


Course of 4


Course of 6


Skin Needling with Uber Pro Peels

Single Treatment


Course of 4


Course of 6


Striae/Stretch Marks....

(Price upon consultation)

DP DermaceuticalsFacials

Dp Dermaceuticals™ is a specially formulated combination of actives and the latest skin science to get you the results you’re looking for.

You want the best for your skin. That’s why Dermapenworld has dedicated years of research and millions of dollars to developing a skincare range to boost your Dermapen micro-needling results or to use stand-alone as the range has

proven effectiveness for a range of skin concerns.

30 Minute Dermaceuticals 

Manual Facial...£45

60 Minute Dermceutical 

Manual Facial...£65

Dermaceutical Über Pro Peel...£60


This professional peel is exclusively designed to enhance microneedling procedures but also acts as an effective stand-alone peel.

ÜBER PRO contains a specific blend of treatment actives to increase cellular turnover while addressing the signs of ageing, dyschromia, hyperpigmentation, melasma, milia and acne. Suitable for pigmentation, sun damage, anti-ageing and problematic skin and safe to use on any skin colour.


All massages are performed using Aromatherapy oils unless you hold certain allergies, where an alternative oil will be used. Massage pressures are specific to your wants and needs, whether it be deep tissue or a lighter more relaxing experience.

Ultimate Full Body 90-Minute Massage

(Including Full Body, Head, and Foot Massage with time allowing for deep relaxation or intensive work on all body tension)


Full Body 60 Minutes MASSAGE


45 Minute Massage 

(Back, Neck and Shoulders, and Back of Legs).


30 Minutes Massage

(Back, Neck and Shoulders)


Indian Head 40 Minute



Add on another massage area 10 mins


Pamper Packages

Luxury Relaxation Package 

(Includes 60 Minute rose quarts facial and 60 minutes Full Body Massage)


Classic Relaxation Package 

(Includes 45 minute massage and 45-minute facial)


Express Relaxation Package 

(Includes 30 minutes facial and 30 minutes massage)


Relaxation Facials

The luxury brand Dr. Botanicals is a 100% vegan, organic & botanic skincare brand that is also 100% natural. It is a vitamin and mineral-rich skincare, with effective results. This is used in combination with other aesthetic skincare brands to improve skin concerns.

Express 30-Minute Facial


Classic 45-Minute Massage Facial


Luxury Rose Quartz 60-Minute Facial


(incorporates relaxing skin rollers and massage)

Loyalty Scheme:

I offer rewards for loyalty.

On every visit to Shelley's Beauty, you receive a loyalty point. Discount is applied to your treatments every 10th visit.



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